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Westphalia Global Advisory (WGA) is an independent provider of diplomatic services, geopolitical analysis, and market intelligence, with a presence in Brussels, Berlin, The Hague, and Abu Dhabi and a global network of experts and advisors. We specialize in diplomacy, market access, geostrategic analysis, advocacy, and regulatory risk.

With years of experience in government, diplomacy, research, and business across Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Asia, and Africa, WGA’s executives, associates, and network help clients secure relationships and develop insights to open new horizons, realize strategic goals, and mitigate risks.

WGA was founded in 2018 by R. Tim Eestermans and Dr Timo F. Behr.

We practice diplomacy



WGA’s multi-layered approach is based on offering clients bespoke services that are carefully tailored to their individual needs by leveraging WGA’s cross-cutting expertise, executive level access, and on-the-ground network. For WGA, every client is unique and there are no conventional solutions.

We value expertise


We help clients understand, navigate, and shape complex decision-making systems.

We monitor legislative processes, mitigate regulatory risks, and help resolve difficult policy dilemmas.

We make connections, manage clients’ reputation, and help them realize long-term goals.

We build relations that last


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